THEATRIC Professional Makeup Fixing Spray is destined for professionals and very demanding amateurs. It works perfectly whenever extremely durable make-up is required: in theatres, in films, on TV, during fashion shows, dance competitions, discos, wedding ceremonies and receptions, exhausting parties.

A delicate transparent mist extends very effectively durability of make-up and protects it from accidental removing and smudging for many hours. Our product recipe was formulated in close cooperation with experienced process engineers, professional make-up artists and dancers as the result of complex, many months research and tests.

Cooperating with us specialists carried out comparative research of make-up fixing features between our product and other fixing sprays available on the market.

Make-up fixing features research was conducted in extremely difficult conditions for make-up on very intense, multi-layered stage make-up done with different medium quality cosmetics during International Ballroom Dancing Competitions and Polish Ballroom Dance Championships which are accompanied by intense sports effort connected with strong perspiration.

All the above mentioned research and tests prove that THEATRIC Professional Makeup Fixing Spray guarantees much better fixing than different comparable products on the same price level and as good fixing as professional, well-known other fixing sprays available for much higher price.

What is more, THEATRIC Professional Makeup Fixing Spray lacks practically the shine effect, which appears in one of the best known and much more expensive, professional product. Due to these tests we are profoundly convinced that we offer absolutely the best Makeup Fixing Spray on the market.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Hold Makeup Fixing Spray approximately 30 cm from your face and spray a delicate mist on your face after having finished completely your make-up. To achieve better fixing effect you can repeat the procedure after drying the first layer up. Fixing Spray can be easily washed off with soap and warm water or with a make-up remover. ATTENTION: While applying close your eyes and mouth and hold breath for a moment. CONTENT: 150 ml